Лучшие аддоны для wotlk classic — как установить? pve и pvp подборка!

WoW Classic Addons List | WeaponSwingTimer/Swing Timer Addon

If you’re looking for a Swing Timer Addon, there is thankfully a functional one that already has many of the basics covered! On the off chance you’re out of the loop, a “swing timer” is a Wow Classic addon that does something really simple: it adds a bar that tracks when you’re going to swing your weapon. The WeaponSwingTimer addon tracks a bunch of different weapons, including:

  • Main Hand weapon
  • Off Hand weapon
  • Hunter Auto Shot timing
  • Hunter castable shots timing
  • Want shot timing

Although World of Warcraft Classic is like a turn-based RPG in many respects, it does also have real-time aspects as well. Players might want to know when they should back off or activate certain offensive or defensive abilities at the optimum time. This World of Warcraft Classic addon also keeps track of your target’s weapon swing timers, so you’ll have the scoop on when you need to activate protective abilities!

You can grab WeaponSwingTimer at CurseForge.

Basic UI improvements and tools

There are a variety of addons that are designed to improve the default user interface or provide useful tools that don’t come as standard. While the options for addons like this are myriad and can get very complex if that’s what you’re looking for, these are some of the more standard options that are popular with a lot of players and don’t require lots of effort for basic configuration.

Action-bar clean-up: Bartender4

There are a lot of ways to customize your UI, especially if you’re willing to spend a lot of time getting everything just right, but one of the quickest way to upgrade the default interface is Bartender, which gives you a lot more customization and control over your all-important action bars without requiring much set-up.

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Damage meters: Recount or Details!

One of the major features that World of Warcraft lacks by default is a way of seeing exactly how much damage or healing you and your group is doing.

As in retail WoW, the two go-to options for damage and healing meters are Recount and Details!, both of which offer all the information and customization you could want in a clear and unobtrusive table. Which you choose is largely a case of preference.

Recount also offers detailed breakdowns of damage and healing.

Map upgrade: Atlas World Map Classic

For those that aren’t a fan of the default maps in World of Warcraft, the Atlas World Map upgrades them to a more detailed version that better captures the features and environmental differences between zones.

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Atlas World Map does remove the need for players to “discover” new areas in order to be able to see those sections of the map, but it doesn’t offer any additional assistance beyond clarity – whether that’s a simple convenience or takes away from the true Classic experience is for you to decide.

The Atlas World Map gives you an improved map to work with.

Bag improvements: OneBag3 or Bagnon

The default bags in World of Warcraft can be a bit cumbersome at the best of times, and in Classic you’re likely to have less space and more items.

To save you from searching through multiple bags trying to find the items you’re looking for, OneBag3 and Bagnon are designed to unify your bags into a single space with more options and tools for organization.

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At the time of writing, Bagnon is unfortunately out of date and doesn’t actually work, so it’s worth grabbing OneBag3 for the time being, but if you’ve used Bagnon in retail and would prefer it, you can keep an eye out for an update on the Twitch app.

Vendor Price

Anyone playing WoW should seriously consider Vendor Price, which lists the amount that each item will sell for to a vendor. It sounds simple, because it is, but it can also be crucial to help decide what to hang on to and what to get rid of while out questing.

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Once you’ve done your two weeks of scanning (once in the morning, once at night), it’s time to set up your Auctioneer so you can start making some gold. There are a few things we’re going to focus on here, and I’ll go through them step by step. First: You’re going to need to decide how much of a discount you want the items to be posted at. Let me give you an example. Let’s say a ring normally sells for 100g. You tell Auctioneer that you only want to bid on/buy items that are listed at a 60% discount. This would mean that ring would need to be listed at 40g before you’d be okay purchasing it for resale. When you’re just starting out I would recommend you use a larger discount, something like 50%. Once you get used to your server’s market you can change that. I personally use a 30% discount now, but for years I used 50% and I was very happy with it. Second: You’re going to need to decide if you want Auctioneer to look for a «Seen Count». This means it’ll only show you items that it’s seen a lot of. I always use this. Basically I don’t want to bid on or buy anything unless it’s been on the auction house at least 50 times, so my seen count is always 50. This prevents me from purchasing an item that’s only been up two or three times. Items that have only been up a few times are easily manipulated and you can end up paying a lot of gold for something that doesn’t warrant the cost. Third: You’re going to need to decide if you only want to buy items that have a buy out price, or if you’re willing to bid on items to get a better price. I use both bids and buy outs, but for a long time I only used buy outs, instant gratification and all. Now I’m happy to bid then sit back and wait to see if I get the item. If I do, great, if not, no big deal, there will be other items another time. Fourth: Decide how you want your market valued. There are several options in Auctioneer, but I only use the Market Value. It has always worked for me, I know what to expect, so I stick with it.Fifth: Do you want to subtract your auction and deposit fees? I do. I want to know that my profit is pure profit, so I don’t want any additional fees taken out of that gold. I let Auctioneer take it out on the front end and just leave off any auctions that wouldn’t garner me enough gold with those fees removed. Sixth: How many times will you relist the item on average? Since many items charge a fee each time you list, I find it helpful to tell Auctioneer to estimate that I’ll relist each item ten times. That way, if I do have to relist ten times, I have still made my original profit. If I have to list less, I’ve made even more, yay!***NOTE — You only have to do these steps ONCE! After that, set it and forget it.***Seventh: Once you’ve entered your search parameters and decided on your purchases, just go check your mailbox and collect your loot. Head back to the AH, then use Auctioneer’s «Batch Post» function to post all of your items. You will have to go in and tell it that it is okay to batch post, and you will have to do this once for each item, but only once. After that you don’t have to mess with deciding on prices at all, Auctioneer does it all for you!TY WRITES BOOKS FOR KIDS WHO LOVE MINECRAFT AND ROBLOX

I had already sold or mailed all of my auctions by the time I added this next part, so I stripped my bank toon of her starter clothes to illustrate a few things. First, here’s a great example of someone trying to inflate the price of an item. I took off my starter boots and went to the Appraiser tab in Auctioneer. I was shocked to see it telling me I should use a market price of over 100 Gold! (Also, shame on you, Dusting)You have to watch out for this, know your items, don’t get swindled.

In order to make your posting very easy, simply click that little box in the upper right hand corner that says «Enable Batch Posting». You only have to do it once for each item. Click the item on the left, then click «EnabIe Batch Posting», click the next item on the left, rinse and repeat. I recommend doing this when you buy new items, just click that box so you don’t have to mass click it a bunch of times when you have fifty auctions going.

The way you batch post will likely vary by whatever computer you’re using (I game on a Mac), but it’s easy enough to hover on the Batch Post button to see the specific instructions for your machine.

Class add-ons

All the above-described add-ons may be used by any class and any role in the game, as each gives Players lots of various options. However, there are some modifications, which are made especially for certain classes or even specializations. We will present the patient reader with the most important ones below. Note: if the title of a concrete add-on has no description, search for it in the text above.


Druid Bar – This is a very simple yet important add-on for all Druids, as it allows them to see their mana bar even while shapeshifted.

(Tank) Gear Menu – This is a very useful add-on for all classes and specializations, as it saves gear sets of a Player. It is very easy to change your current gear in no time without all those searches throughout the inventory. Gear Menu is irreplaceable for those who use several specs permanently.

(Heal) VuhDo – This is a raid frame monitor add-on that displays the health of raid members in the form of clearly arranged bars. VuhDo is primarily directed to healing classes but will make use to almost any other class. It also can show several healing spells or other actions at the same time.

(Heal) Heal Comm Classic – This is a simple, lightweight yet crucial add-on for all raiding healers. It is highly configurable, has the incoming heal and Feign Death indicators. It easily communicates with other healing add-ons. Shows the Player incoming heals on a target from anyone who also uses this add-on and how much your HoTs will heal on the target.

(Heal) Five Second Rule – Shows the countdown of the five seconds (FSR or 5SR) until your mana from Spirit will regenerate, as well as each tick once the five seconds are over. The timer starts counting down whenever the player successfully spends mana.


Weapon Swing Timer – This add-on is, without a doubt, an absolute requirement to play a Hunter effectively in Classic WoW, for it tracks yours and your target’s swing timers. It also shows the Auto Shot timing and other shots casting time. Works for wand user as well.

Classic Aura Durations – Displays the remaining time on Buffs/Debuffs.


Pally Power Classic – This add-on provides an interactive and easy to use interface that allows you to set your blessings and automatically checks for missing buffs with an easy to read indicator. Usable in dungeons and raids and can assign blessings to other Paladins. None of the assignments can be changed in combat, unfortunately, due to the in-combat lock-out.

(Heal) VuhDo

(Heal) Heal Comm Classic


– A special trinket-changing add-on. It shows two equipped trinkets in a bar. Mouseover on either trinket will display a menu of up to 30 trinkets in the bags to swap.

Clique – Allows the user to bind certain spells, abilities, and unit frame actions to whatever keyboard and mouse combinations they wish. It also combines with the majority of interface add-ons.

(Heal) VuhDo

(Heal) Heal Comm Classic

(Heal) Five Second Rule

or Classic Castbars


Nug Energy – This is an essential Rogue add-on, as it shows the tick rate for every incoming 20 energy. The add-on is customizable and is suitable for both PvP and PvE. It also alerts the user if the energy is capped.

Tulla Range – Another handy Rogue mod that makes standard action buttons appear red when the target is out of range. Colors for both the out of range and the out of mana/energy/rage indicators are customizable.

(Heal) VuhDo

(Heal) Heal Comm Classic

(Heal) Five Second Rule


Necrosis – A Warlock special add-on helps you managing Soul Shards, Soul Stones, Health Stones, Fire Stones, and Spell Stones. It also provides an easy menu to summon demons, give buffs, summon players, apply curses, and tracks DoT timers.


Huge thanks to Cybeloras for keeping AuctionLite up to date with the most recent WoW API changes!

Thanks to mysticalos, kolenka, phanx, inexstinctus, vebev, and haghala for contributing bug fixes and features, and thanks to the Curse/WowAce/WowInterface community for their bug reports and suggestions.

Many, many thanks to the folks who took the time to translate AuctionLite to other languages!

  • Brazilian Portuguese: phalk, renanwar
  • French: Pettigrow, FreakyGreaser
  • German: nesta666, Farook, archiv, callmechris, tholas1234, hero66
  • Italian: _YuSaKu_, kappesante
  • Korean: eljei, san0713, kdw112, maknae, netaras, Sayclub, ohmytrance
  • Russian: Vampik, RustamIrzaev, StingerSoft, aperionfag, KVVV
  • Simplified Chinese: tnt2ray, wowuicn, dh0000
  • Spanish: karrash76, virginc
  • Traditional Chinese: tnt2ray, a9012456, s8095324, zhTW


  • Hodor Reflexes прежде всего нужен для того, чтобы участники рейда вовремя и поочерёдно сдавали ульты горна и колосса. Также имеет встроенный функционал по замеру ДПСа.
  • Combat Metrics — если с вас потребовали парсы, то настало время этого аддона. Он нужен для замера собственного дпс. Для аддона нужно назначить кнопку.
  • RaidNotifier Updated— необходимый в триалах мод, уведомляющий о механиках рейдовых боссов.
  • Code’s Combat Alerts— дополняет Raid Notifier, помогает не только в триалах. Многим механикам добавляет более наглядное отображение в интерфейсе.
  • Wizard’s Wardrobe — аддон, в котором можно создать и сохранить пресеты ваших билдов. Полезно, если вы хотите одной кнопкой переключаться с бегуна-фармера на пве-дд, например (есть аналог в бандитском интерфейсе).С той же функцией справляется и Alpha Gear 2.
  • Srendarr— добавляет возможность отслеживать баффы и дебаффы как на себе, так и на других членах группы.
  • Auto Recharge— это аддон, который будет за вас перезаряжать зачарование на вашем оружии.
  • Untaunted— очень полезный аддон для танков, который отслеживает таунт на нескольких противниках.
  • GroupRegenTracker— аддон для хилеров, который показывает полосками под иконками игроков висящие на них бафы.
  • OdySupportIcons— показывает иконки ролей и статуса сопартийцев. Не забываем включить отображение статуса воскрешения (вкладка Group Icons).

Параметры конфигурации

Далее давайте поговорим о том, как вы хотите, чтобы ATT отслеживал вашу коллекцию. Вы можете открыть это меню, щелкнув правой кнопкой мыши значок мини-карты или заголовок ВСЕ ВЕЩИ в верхней части основного списка (вы можете открыть список с помощью / att, если вы отключили значок мини-карты).

Существует три основных варианта общего отслеживания трансмогрификации, которые я объясню на примере наборов уровней с блокировкой классов и двойных наборов, которые может носить любой класс:

  1. Режим Completionist = Я хочу собрать каждую версию каждого появления. Это означает, что вы хотите собирать версии уровней в дополнение к их двойникам.
  2. Уникальный режим (снимите флажок Завершитель) = я хочу собирать только одну версию каждого появления; Я не забочусь о сборе каждого. Это означает, что если вы получите похожий предмет, он будет проверять внешний вид уровня. Это не делает то же самое в обратном порядке! Эта опция проверяет предмет, который может быть экипирован без ограничений, поэтому часть уровня с блокировкой класса не будет отмечать похожий элемент, который не заблокирован с помощью класса.
  3. Я забочусь только о своем главном = Я забочусь только о внешности, которую этот персонаж может собрать. Это означает, что если вы получаете элемент уровня для своего основного, вы не хотите, чтобы ATT напоминал вам собирать аналогичные версии, используемые другими классами.

Если вы включите Режим отладки, он будет игнорировать все фильтры, которые вы установили (далее мы рассмотрим фильтры). Вкратце, он покажет вам каждый предмет, который вы можете получить в каждом классе, включая недоступные / унаследованные разделы. Эта опция в основном используется за кулисами, чтобы помочь выяснить, из-за чего могут возникнуть проблемы, но если вы пытаетесь создать общую коллекцию для всех ваших персонажей, ее включение может быть быстрым способом увидеть, какие классы вы можете использовать. хотите запустить в подземелье или какие типы доспехов вам все еще нужны для выполнения квестов в определенной зоне.

Здесь также есть и другие общие опции – вы можете отключить значки спецификаций лута здесь, отключить значок мини-карты или автоматическое отображение мини-списка, или вы можете выбрать вариант Только показывать личную добычу. Параметр Личная добыча может быть менее актуален в BfA, но сейчас вы можете использовать его в подземельях и LFR, чтобы увидеть, что вы можете выиграть у своего текущего персонажа

Он очень медленный, потенциально глючный, и может потребоваться отключить его и включить несколько раз для работы используйте с осторожностью!


Looting is another important aspect of WoW Classic, with the ability to acquire new items such as armor and equipment adding more powerful tools to your belt as you grind through quests. 


For players who want to make cash through professions, Gatherer is a must-have. After installation, it tracks the locations of all gathered materials on your map, so you can go back later and harvest without having to search around again. If you’re looking to load up on materials quick, this add-on can be a lifesaver.

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Faster Looting

If you haven’t already, you should go into your interface options and check off Auto Loot, then you should download Faster Looting – which makes gathering loot off of your vanquished foes even quicker

AtlasLoot Classic

AtlasLoot Classic provides a database which reveals where players can find different loot items across the game, and the chances of it dropping when you get there. This mod can be the perfect way to make new plans, find your next much-needed upgrade, and decide whether it’s worth chasing an item if the drop rate is deemed to be too low.

Dungeons and Raids

Atlas Loot Classic – This is a UI mod that gives access to the loot tables of bosses everywhere and at any time and shows a full list of the Best In Slot items for your class and where to get them. It also provides information about crafting materials, created items, and skill ranks.

Atlas Classic WoW – Provides instances maps to the Player, marks the locations of major bosses, provides detailed and accurate information about all of the creatures, NPCs, objects, and events you’ll encounter in each instance.

Deadly Boss Mods – Classic (DBM) – It is a dungeon support add-on; probably the best and most popular among others of its kind. DBM warns you when a boss is about to use certain abilities that might require you to move or counter its spell.

Big Wigs Bossmods – The boss encounter add-on. It triggers alert messages, timers, and sounds for specific encounters. This add-on is similar to DBM, but the memory/second and CPU/second footprint of Big Wigs is the lowest among all boss mod add-ons.

TellMeWhen – Another highly customizable modification that provides visual, auditory, and textual notifications about elements of combat such as cooldowns, buffs and debuffs, reactive abilities, temporary weapon enchants, totems, runes, spell casts, and any combination of over 110 other things with easy-to-use conditions.

Weak Auras 2 – This powerful and flexible framework add-on is necessary for anyone who plans on doing raiding. It tracks auras, health, power (mana, rage, soul shards, holy power, etc.), cooldowns, combat events, runes, totems, items, and more. Everything is customizable.

Decursive – This add-on tracks the cursed members of the raid/party. Allows you to prioritize decursing some classes over others. Decursive supports all classes with cleansing abilities and configures itself automatically. It is suitable for both PvE and PvP as you can polymorph/cyclone/hex mind-controlled players.

Аддоны для боя WoW BFA 8.2


Визуально, звуком или текстом уведомляет о различных кулдунах, баффах/дебаффах и пркатически любых других элементах боя.

Raider IO Mythic+ and Raid Progress

HealBot Continued

Аддон HealBot Continued предназначен в основном для хилов.

  • Позволяет настроить кнопки мыши для различных действий и заклинаний
  • Настройка и бинд макросов и т.п.


Оповещает вас, когда вы стоите там, где не нужно. Это всякие лужи, войд-зоны, огонь. Иногда он успевает это сделать еще перед тем, как вы начнете получать урон.

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

DMB для WoW 8.1 – мастхэв аддон для рейдинга. Показывает таймеры босса, подсказывает, когда происходит переход между фазами. Оповещает о том, когда нужно отбежать, что делать в конкретный момент боя и т.п.

Raid Assist

Raid Assist – бывший аддон под названием Iskar Assist. Включает в себя множество полезного функционала для рейда. 16 различных модулей доступны в этой сборке.

Полезные аддоны для торговли

  • Tamriel Trade Centre— обязательный к установке аддон, без которого эффективно и успешно торговать с другими игроками будет практически невозможно, поскольку вы попросту не будете знать реальной стоимости находимых в процессе игры вещей. К сожалению, ТТС нет в миньоне, его нужно скачивать и обновлять отдельно.
  • Master Merchant— полезная штука для торговли. Отслеживает все продажи в ваших гильдиях, составляет на их основе статистику и выдает среднюю цену на любой проданный где-либо предмет. Есть минус — тормозит игру во время сканирования.
  • AwesomeGuildStore— аддон для гильдейского магазина. Добавляет кучу полезных фильтров, и вам не придется час тыкаться и листать магазин в поиске нужной вещи.
  • Arkadius’ Trade Tools— практически то же, что и MM. У этого аддона немного другие настройки и способ считывания статистики, так что дело вкуса.


AuctionLite makes it easy to use the auction house!

  • Buy
    • Show all listings for an item on a single page, sorted by per-item price
    • Buy out multiple listings at the same time
    • Search for your favorite items with a single click
  • Sell
    • Suggest prices based on the current competition
    • Create multiple listings at the same time
  • Scan
    • Download all auction house data in just seconds
    • Track historical prices and find deals
  • Tooltips

    Show vendor, auction, and disenchant prices on all items

In short, AuctionLite tries to make the most common auction house tasks as simple as possible, and AuctionLite strives for minimal overhead and clutter in its interface.

Quick Start

Buying items: Type an item name into the «Buy» tab and click «Search». (You don’t have to fill in a quantity.) Select the listings you want to buy, click «Buyout», and then click «Approve». Due to Blizzard’s addon restrictions, you will have to click «Approve» once for each listing.

  • Control-right-click an item in your bags from any AH tab to search on the «Buy» tab
  • Use shift-click and control-click to select and purchase multiple listings

Selling items: Drag an item from your bags into the «Sell» tab slot. Enter the number and size of the stacks you’d like to sell, adjust prices if necessary, and click «Create Auction».

  • Alt-right-click an item in your bags from any AH tab to load it into the «Sell» tab
  • Click on any competing auction to undercut that auction
  • Use the tab key to jump between fields
  • Hit enter to start the auction

Scanning: Click «Full Scan» on the «Buy» tab. When scanning is complete, you’ll get a list of the best deals currently available at the auction house.

  • If you navigate away from the deals page, use «Show Deals» in the «Advanced» menu to return
  • If you are disconnected during scanning, try disabling the fast scan feature (use «/al config»)

Other features:

  • To search for your own listings (and your competition), choose «Show My Auctions» from the «Advanced» menu
  • Click the checkmark next to any item in the «Buy» tab to mark it as a favorite, and then select «Show Favorites» from the «Advanced» menu to search for all your favorites at once
  • Go straight to your preferred tab when opening the AH
  • Open all your bags when visiting the AH

For more details, read on!

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